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The Founders Awards ceremony last week was a wonderful occasion. It was inspiring to hear Judge Heather Simpson, Anne Norman and
Dr Michele Cox talking about their areas of interest, and to appreciate their levels of excellence and achievement outlined in the citations.
We hope that here at EGGS today we continue to encourage students to be confdent, resilient, equipped with the skills, experiences and
qualifcations to take the next steps beyond school - ready to do some of the things that we heard about from the recipients to try things
to take some risks; to work hard - to persevere when it can seem tough; to give of their best; to have a sense of purpose that goes beyond
self; to seize opportunities; to be considered and also innovative; to enjoy and love what they do.

Lorraine Pound - Principal

Old Girls Association News

All three Founders were thrilled to receive their award, each one an
It s been a busy time in the Old Girls world with two signifcant inspiration of what can be achieved across a range of diferent career
events taking place last week.
Founders Assembly 95th OGA AGM

On Tuesday 14th June, the OGA honoured three past students as
Founders of the school at a special Founders Assembly. The 95th AGM was held on Monday 13th June. Reports from the
Principal, Archivist, Co-Presidents and Treasurer were presented
and accepted. The OGA Constitution will be reviewed to ensure it
Judge Heather Simpson, CNZM Law (EGGS 1963-67)
Heather is a retired District Court Judge who had a special complies with the new Incorporated Societies Act which is under
designation in the Youth Court, and has an acting warrant. She review.
is also a member of the Bahai faith. In accepting her award and
addressing the girls, Heather recalled that in her day, the school hall Sally Blyth and Lynley Sheweiry were elected as Co-Presidents.
had just been built and cited the huge range of career opportunities Julie Goodyer elected as Secretary/Treasurer. Committee members
available for women now that were much harder to access in earlier are: Virginia Bishop, Fiona Cottam, Donna Corse-Scott, Ro Bellamy,
years and encouraged the girls to fnd something they love and go Katharine Collins, Bridgette Sullivan-Taylor, Margi Leech, Mary Hall,
for it. Tric Milner (staf rep), Rachel Banbury (student rep).
Scriptor Series
Anne Norman, CNZM Business (EGGS 1960-61)
Owner of one of the country s leading retail businesses, together Unfortunately we had to cancel our Scriptor Series event scheduled
with her husband, Anne took up the various opportunities that for Wednesday 22nd June due to lack of ticket sales, which is really
presented themselves to her upon leaving school, successfully disappointing. We had a great evening planned and promoted it far
combining her business prowess and family commitments. and wide in anticipation of a fun and enlightening fundraiser event,
Speaking to the girls, Anne said she wasn t fond of her schooldays but we can t go ahead with such events without the support of the
but it was a difcult time for her as she dealt with her mother s school and community.
illness and early death. Anne shared with the girls her passion for
retail as a career choice that combines so many skills that apply to Farewell to Kathryn Seagrave
business and life.
We are sad to farewell Kathryn Seagrave who is stepping down from
the role of Co-President as she is relocating out of Auckland. She
Dr Michele Cox Sport (EGGS 1982-1986)
With a diverse skill set acquired through the years, Micheles career has contributed hugely to the OGA and school community and we
has had a focus on social development within the sports arena. will miss her elegance and insight. We wish her and her husband
She was New Zealands frst professional soccer player, playing in Jeremy (who has helped OGA in many ways too) all the very best for
Germany at a young age and going on to work for FIFA and other their big move to the countryside in the Wairarapa. Enjoy the new
football organisations in various capacities. Michele currently lives adventure Kathryn, and thank you for all you have done for OGA and
and works in Switzerland and was unable to attend the assembly, the students through the years.
but sent a video address which focussed on how she had overcome
criticisms and challenges and continued to follow her passion Sally Blyth & Lynley Sheweiry - OGA Co-Presidents
despite that, which has led to many exciting opportunities.
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