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Issue 8 - June 2016

2016 FOUNDERS AWARDS Coming up in Week 9....

Mon 27 June Pasifka Week
Tue 28 June Junior Conferences -
(School fnishes at 3pm)
Wed 29 June Pavement Art
Thu 30 June Junior & Senior Conferences
Fri 1 July Stage Challenge

Coming up in Week 10....
Mon 4 July Maori Language Week
Tue 5 July Senior Conferences -
(School fnishes at 3pm)
2016 Founders Award recipients - Judge Heather Simpson, CNZM, Fri 8 July Last day of term
Dr Michele Cox (represented by her mother Barbara and niece Trinity) and
Anne Norman, CNZM with the Head Girls and OGA Co-Presidents Sally Blyth and
Lynley Sheweiry at a special assembly held on14 June. TO VIEW MORE EVENTS CLICK HERE >

Dear parents, caregivers and students

You may have seen the Board of Trustees election results on the website congratulations
to: Lynley Banbury-Sheweiry Julie Goodyer Kate Smith
Philip Bradley Chris Iles Andrew Stevens 2016
Paul Gestro

We look forward to working with the Board as we head into the centenary next year and then Father & Daughter
into the Schools second century.
EGGS choirs performed at the Auckland Big Sing last week. Every student involved should feel
proud of their performance, recognised in awards detailed later in this edition of EGGSNEWS. 10 August @ Eden Park
Many sports teams are right in the midst of the competition round, looking forward to Guest speaker to be announced....
possible selection for Tournament Week starting 29 August. At the Big Sing, watching lacrosse
recently and talking with some students from 3 soccer teams heading of for their afternoon Tickets available soon
games last week, I was particularly aware of the unfailing and positive efort by parents and
staf who support student co-curricular activities in a number of ways. This is one important
aspect of true community. Thank-you to everyone who is involved.

Term 2 Conferences for students and parents to meet with subject teachers are a useful
opportunity to discuss progress and achievement at this half-year point and to look ahead.
Just a reminder - bookings close on Monday 27 June at 12.00pm.

At this time of the year with two weeks of the term to go, it is really important for students
to pace themselves; making deadlines manageable and seeking help when it is needed. A
sense of urgency and determination and a healthy sense of purpose to get things done is
usually a good thing seeing tasks as a mountain overwhelming us isn t. Simple things such
as getting enough sleep, eating well; getting on with tasks and ticking them of rather than
worrying and talking ourselves into worry about them while we procrastinate, are things
that we are repeatedly told through advice columns in the paper and magazines. For many
of us these things are all good advice, but sometimes we may need some help to navigate
our way through a patch we are fnding difcult. Please remember that this is normal and a Paradisum performing in the
good thing to do. Town Hall at the Big Sing
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