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Your time would be much better spent focussing on understanding what was taught, rather than attending additional tutorials. These
additional tutorials create more busy work (i.e. listening to someone else) and detract from refective work (i.e. actual study, active
learning and thinking and making sense).

'Testimonials provided by such companies are typically from people whose applications to medicine were successful (and probably
would have been anyway even if they did not support these extra tutorials). What about all the other students who paid to attend these
sessions but never got anywhere? Do their testimonials ever make it to the websites?
These companies have no liability if they teach you the wrong information / ofer you poor advice.

POPLHLTH 111 Course Co-ordinator / Course Director
For ofcial responses regarding all Medicine and Pharmacy enquiries, please contact:
FMHS Undergraduate Admissions Ofce
85 Park Road, Grafton, Auckland
Phone: +64 9 923 4888 | Fax: +64 9 308 2380
Open: Monday to Friday 8.30am-4.30pm (except public holidays)

Curriculum News
Community Week 20-24 June
From the Business Department
Community Egg is one of the four eggs of the school. Our role
is to promote school spirit and a sense of belonging for all. This Year 12 Business Studies classes visited Sanford Fisheries in order
role is carried out by many committees such as Peer Support, to gain an insight into the operation of a signifcant New Zealand
International and Sisterhood of Spirit, which are predominantly company. Students were shown around the premises and they were
led by senior students, supporting and guiding other students able to observe the production process. Included in the tour was
so that everyone feels supported within the school. In Week 8 an informative talk about the operations of the company and this
of this term we have our upcoming Community Week, where included the issues of sustainability and environmental awareness. It
we will be putting on many activities that everyone in our was a very enjoyable and informative tour and the students now have
school community can get involved in. These activities have a New Zealand case study which they can connect to when studying
been planned to not only showcase what the Community Egg is the internal and external factors of a New Zealand business.
about, but around our four school values; Courage, Compassion,
Curiosity and Community.

On Monday we will be starting of the week with a surprise.
Tuesday will be a day of celebrating school spirit with a photo
booth stall as well as cookie decorating. On Wednesday we will
be having a lunchtime picnic, where we will be aiming to get as
many students as we can sitting to eat their lunch in Paradise, we
will also be selling international food to celebrate the diferent
cultures that make up our community as we all unite at the
picnic. On Thursday we will be ofering a free yoga class where
everyone can come together in the stadium, de-stress, and have
fun with their friends. To celebrate the end of the week, on Friday
lunchtime we will be having a mufti day organised by the Student
Council as well as a bake sale. Most importantly we will have a
disco event in the hall where everyone can come along, dance,
and celebrate our Epsom pride.

Everyone in the Community Egg is very excited for all of the
activities and events happening in Community Week and we
hope that this week will be a success where everyone in our
school community will get involved, and have a lot of fun.

Courtney York - Co-Leader, Community Egg
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