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school within the particular community of learning. It is outlined on Page 12 of the Guide:

In this edition of EGGS NEWS we will bring you the frst in a series of updates on our involvement in ACCoS now that we are underway with
the other schools involved.

Lorraine Pound - Principal

This year we are excited to be part of the Auckland Central Community of Schools. This is a great chance to open communication lines between
the 14 local schools in our community, and provides the opportunity to share and extend on what works well. There are 5 Achievement
Challenges that have been identifed as areas to focus on. These are Reading, Writing, NCEA level 2, NCEA level 3 & Tertiary, and Parent
Engagement and Participation.

At Epsom we have 15 in-school leaders who are working towards the shared achievement challenges in a variety of ways. In the following
newsletters, leaders will take turns to explain their aims and what they have achieved so far this year.

Auckland Central Community of Schools (ACCOS)
Waiho I te toipoto, kaua I te toiroa
Let us keep close together, not wide apart

From the Board of Trustees

I wish to take this opportunity to farewell the EGGS Community as I will be retiring as a trustee from the Board of the School.

I have enjoyed the ten years that I was on the Board and it was a privilege to be able to Chair the Board for eight of those years. I would
like to acknowledge all my fellow trustees that I have worked with through those years and in particular; John Dolan, John Bridgman,
Janet Johnson, Patrick Masani, Ian Lambie and Janneen Love who are also retiring from the Board.

The Board of Trustees, through my time at EGGS, was well supported by the Principals - initially Mrs Madeline Gunn and now Mrs Lorraine
Pound who will lead the School into its second hundred years. They in turn were very well supported by all the staf.

The School would not have been as successful without the strong support of the wider ommunity and we acknowledge
and thank you for this support.

On behalf of the outgoing Board I wish the new trustees all the very best for leading Epsom Girls Grammar School into
the future as education not only makes a better person but it is the only thing that makes a better world.

Gerald Young - Chair, Board of Trustees
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