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Issue 7 - June 2016


Centenary Celebrations

Save the date: EGGS Centenary
Celebrations 5 - 9 April 2017
Ticket sales will be going live on iTicket
soon. We will be in touch!

Coming up in Week 7....

Tuesday 14-15 June Year 12 Drama
On Thursday 26th May, EGGS was privileged to have a NZ Defence Forces helicopter visit. The A109
LUH landed very gracefully onto the sports feld at lunchtime, and drew a large number of students Thursday 16 June Big Sing Music Comp
and staf. Excellent opportunities for selfes and chats with the crew abounded. Friday 17 June Junior Reports on portal
Coming up in Week 8....
Dear parents, caregivers and students
Monday 20 June Community Week
Last Monday retiring Board of Trustees members came to the stafroom for morning tea Tuesday 21 June Senior Reports on portal
where the staf were able to show our appreciation of their commitment to EGGS. Retiring Wednesday 22 June 2016 Scriptor Series
board members are: Friday 24 June Student Council Mufti Day
Mr John Bridgman, Mr John Dolan, Ms Janet Johnson, Dr Ian Lambie, Ms Janneen Love,
Mr Patrick Masani, and Chairperson Dr Gerald Young. Long service has been recognised TO VIEW MORE EVENTS CLICK HERE >
by the New Zealand School Trustees Association for Ian Lambie (6 years); John Dolan (10
years) and Gerald Young (10 years). We have been very fortunate to have had such a skilled
Board of Trustees. Complementary areas of expertise have meant that the School has had
excellent governance over a long period. I would like to acknowledge, particularly, Gerald Meet Art Green
Young who many parents may have seen coaching on the netball courts over the years, & Niva Retimanu
or at performances in the Raye Freedman theatre or arriving for meetings usually in

distinctive bike gear, as Gerald is a keen cyclist. Geralds advice, good sense and wisdom; Join us to hear Art and Niva
discuss their new books –
his fairminded approach and sense of compassion as well as his clear analytical and Eat Clean, Live Lean &
Leading from Behind, and
strategic skills have been greatly appreciated. We wish all the retiring Board members share their inspirational
health journeys.
well, and I am pleased to let you know that Gerald will return for a special ceremony as
we will be planting a tree in the grounds in his honour.
Media matters
You may have noticed that EGGS was described as a private school in the Sunday Star Wednesday 22 June
Times coverage of the sports gear that has been donated to Papakura High School. The Epsom Scriptor Series
error was corrected online as soon as they were notifed and a correction will appear next Time: 6:30pm
week. Additionally you may have seen Wednesday s story on ACCoS (Auckland Central Venue: St Marks Church, Tickets:
93 Remuera Road, Remuera
Community of Schools) in the New Zealand Herald. To clarify, the number of teacher Books available for sale & signing $20 single $35 double

Includes light refreshments
within school roles allocated is determined by the Ministry of Education at a rate of Proceeds to EGGS OGA for scholarships

approximately one role for about every 10 FTTE (Full Time Teacher Equivalent) in each Tickets Available from Remuera Paper Plus and
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