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Our Rhythmic competitors had a great day placing 1st, 2nd and
3rd in the Year 9 and 10 groups grade. We placed 2nd and 3rd in
the Year 11 13 group grade and in the Individual Club B grade
Phoebe Lush placed 1st with Poppy Lush placing 3rd.

Artistic Gym

Artistic Gym Level 2 EGGS team placed 1st with the results of
Emma Olsen and Georgia Cantlon placing 3rd equal and Emily
Johnson placing 5th putting us on top.

The Level 3 team made up of Sophie Whitlock 1st equal, Rachel
Sadler 5th and Clemence Bowles 6th place also fnished in frst

In the International Womens grade Tyla Bow placed frst and
Brooke Dalton right behind placed 2nd.

In the Elite Junior Womens grade Maddy Niven placed 2nd only
just behind the winner.
NZ U15 Girls Developing Softball Team
In the B grade Alexsia Ooi, Jamie Englington, Jessica Ou and Niya
Matthew joined their great results together to be the 1st place EGGS students Milla Glassie (Captain) and Brooke Glassie recently
team. travelled to Melbourne to compete in the Waverley Softball
Carnival. The NZ U15 team competed in the U17/U19 Division
Luka Jeferson, Zahra Stolker and Ashleigh Brown together and placed 2nd overall.
claimed 3rd place team in the C grade competition.
Brooke Glassie has also been named in the New Zealand Junior
Tumbling White Sox Squad who are traveling to Florida, USA next year to
compete at the Junior Worlds Softball Championships.
In the A grade Tumbling competition Emma Olsen placed 6th.

Squash Team Championships

EGGS Premier Squash team placed 2nd this year in the Squash
Division 1 Teams Championships and our EGGS Division 2 team
placed 3rd in their competition.
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