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Child Cancer Society R.S.A
As part of Community Week, The Child Cancer Society promoted A group of students who had given their time on either Poppy
Wear a Wig day in order to raise awareness and funds for children Day, Anzac Day or both, were accompanied by Ms Heywood to a
with cancer. Child Cancer Society meets three times a term in the hall morning tea hosted by the RSA in order to thank the school for
to plan and organise events. The teacher in charge is Ms Ong. its commitment. Students enjoyed talking to veterans and were
awarded with a service certifcate. The RSA also announced a
scholarship for a student to attend a day at either Outward Bound,
the Spirit of New Zealand, or the Walsh fying school.

Arts and Cultural News

Upcoming Events

Short Film Evening 26 July RFAC 7.30pm, tickets $15 Adults, $10 Students
Chinese Extravaganza on the 30 and 31 July, RFAC
Korean Night 4th and 5th August
Stage Challenge

It was a massive day down at the Aotea Centre for the Stage Challenge team
last Friday. Their performance based around the idea of Fortitude hit the stage
at 7pm and was a great success EGGS received frst overall as well as awards for
excellence for choreography, concept, and stage use, set and vision enhancement.
We also took out the award for most enthusiastic crowd!! Well done to Arts and
Cultural Leaders Savannah Poynter and Emma Harkness, along with teacher in
charge Nicola Rennie. Congratulations girls!

Drama On 10th June, Year 10 students viewed a were about looking after the environment,
Drama Department Theatre live performance by Ensemble Impact that communication and globalisation.
Trips showcased a variety of plays by NZ playwright,
Arthur Meek. They enjoyed the physical and
On 23rd June, Year 12 and 13 Drama humorous performance that presented themes Year 11 Drama students
students saw the outstanding musical of colonialism, family and the importance of perform at Highwic House
That Bloody Woman by Luke Di Somma tradition. This performance was held in one of This term, Year 11 Drama students have
& Gregory Cooper and directed by Kip our Drama studios. On 30th June, they travelled been researching and devising drama
Chapman and performed at the Sky City to Q Theatre on Queen St to see the Indian Ink about Highwic House. Students performed
Theatre. The show used punk, rock and Theatre Company perform The Elephant Thief , characters from the early 1900s who may
pop music to explore the story of Kate written by Justin Lewis and directed by Jacob have had an association with the historic
Sheppards life. This was an exceptionally Rajan. This was a comedy that used mask, live home. From their research, they were able
clever performance that highlighted the music, physical theatre and a huge puppet of to create plausible situations and imagine
huge burden of responsibility and the an elephant to tell a story set in the future when the lives of those from their community at
sacrifces that were made by women in NZ elephants were almost extinct. The themes another time.
campaigning for the vote.
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