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NCEA be receiving a Work and Income or Study Link beneft

have a Community Services Card or have joint family income
Notices that qualifes for a Community Services Card
have two or more children entered as candidates with fees
Fees need to be paid to the school by the end of Term 2 Friday more than $200.
8 July. If fees are not paid to the school they will need to be
paid directly to NZQA. The fee for domestic students is $76.70 How do I get help to pay?
per candidate; $383.30 for International fee paying students. We To get fnancial assistance please fll in a Financial Assistance Form
cannot accept payments directly to the school after the end of and give it to Mr Nowell, the Qualifcations Manager. You can
Week 3 (August 12th). get this form from Student Support here at school or from the
NZQA website at:
Can I get help to pay?
Financial Assistance can be applied for if you are unable to aford International fee-paying students are not eligible to apply for
the fees. To get this help parents or caregivers must meet one of fnancial assistance.
the following conditions:

Tertiary Info Evening - Tuesday 26 July

Students and families are invited to come along to this evening to speak to representatives from tertiary institutions (universities, polytechnics,
private training providers and the Defence Force). The evening is helpful for fnding out more about courses available and especially any
subject requirements these courses may have. This information can then be taken into account when subjects are being chosen for 2017.

Senior Options Evening - Thursday 4 August

Following on from the Tertiary Information Evening, there will be a Senior Options Evening on Thursday 4th August 5.30-7.30pm. There will
be general information in the School Hall 5.30-6.00pm then displays and information in departments from 6.00-7.30pm. We strongly advise
families to attend both evenings ahead of making option selections for 2017 courses. Please note: parking will need to be outside the school
grounds for both evenings. Senior Course Selection Booklets and Career Education Pathways information will available on the school website from the frst day of Term 3, 25th July. An online Course Selection Form will be available on the Web Portal on Monday
1 August. Students will need to make their Option selections by Monday 15th August. Please put these dates in your calendars.

Gifted and Talented Education Expansion Thinking Programme

As a part of the Auckland Central Community of Schools initiative a
team of teachers has been established to look at the specifc learning The Year 10 Expansion
needs of our gifted and talented students. This group aims to develop Thinking Programme
strategies that will ensure all students are experiencing healthy is designed to help
challenge in their individual learning. This will look diferent for students explore
each student depending on their need for extension and support. big philosophical
In addition to this group the Gifted and Talented Co-ordinator, Cate questions. Through a
Campbell, has been running co-curricular programmes for junior community of enquiry
model students are
challenged to think
Tournament of the Minds more critically and
creatively, while also
EGGS teams will compete in the Tournament of the Minds (TOM) developing their ability
competition for the frst time this year. TOM is an inter-school creative to work collaboratively
problem solving event for students. All teams must complete a Long with others. With
Term and Spontaneous Challenge. Teams are given six weeks to solve 12 students in each
an open-ended Challenge in the areas of Language Literature, Maths group sessions are
Engineering, Humanities or Technology. Over 100 junior students held twice a term.
expressed interest in taking part in this competition, 35 Year 9 and 10 Students are invited to
students were selected on the basis of the quality of their application join this programme
and teacher recommendations. Teams will be competing at the based on teacher
Regional Competition on Saturday 3rd September. recommendations and Year 10 students participating in a workshop
exploring Maths and Platonic perfection,
student data. through origami.
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