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communication skills and group work skills. On completion of the course, students PTA NEW STUDENT
will have achieved 20 credits.
A new programme that has been introduced this year is designed to attract BARBECUE
students that have the potential to excel but might have a specifc learning need.
This Learning Support Group is for students who are Twice Exceptionally gifted. The
group will focus on providing extension opportunities as well as mentoring and
targeted support.
The second new programme is the Expansion Thinking Programme. This is a 10
session, 5 week Philosophy Course that will be ofered to Year 10 students who
have been identifed as gifted and talented. It will begin at the end of Term 1. The
groups will meet for 2 periods per week and will explore topics of interest through
philosophical enquiry. The aim is to develop scholarship thinking skills that can be
used across all subjects.

The start of the year has been flled with change as well as planning for events
throughout the year ahead. This year we have a new teacher in charge, Ms
Hesketh and a reliable team of new leaders and prefects who will be meeting
regularly. Our overall goal for the year is to increase the profle and presence
of the Community Egg in the school. We plan to do this by creating a more
recognisable identity for the Community Egg by creating a new logo (which
is almost fnished) as well as changing the name of Community Committee to
Sisterhood of Spirit, to avoid confusion with the Community Egg. We also plan
to achieve our goal by carrying out many fun and original events throughout
the year, which we hope many students and even teachers will get involved
in, in order to achieve greater school spirit and sense of belonging for all. We Last night the PTA hosted the new student bbq for
would also like to incorporate more interaction and bonding between year students and their families. Activities included viewing
levels through these events during the year. displays and talking with representatives from the co-
curricular groups at EGGS, creating outstanding table
Last week we held an enjoyable badge ceremony to celebrate our committees, displays as tutor groups based on movies with the
interest groups and leaders. This week groups within Community were well theme related to the curiosity component of our EGGS
represented at the barbecue for Year 9 and new students. values and meeting other families from within their
tutor group.
We have also locked in a week for Community Week which is Week 8 of Term 2
and we already have some exciting ideas for that. Congratulations to 9STR (Finding Nemo), 9CAM
Overall we are having a busy yet exciting start to the year and we can t wait for (Curious George) and 9COU (The Little Mermaid) on
what s to come. their success with their tables.

Courtney York - Co-Leader, Community The next PTA event is Wednesday 23 March Survival
Tips for Parents of EGGS Students at 7.30pm in the
stafroom, followed by the AGM.

On Tuesday 16 February Epsom hosted the launch of the ALLiS programme for the
Remuera-Epsom Cluster.

ALLiS is the acronym for Asian Language Learners in Schools and has emerged from
a Ministry funded initiative. Our school, along with Cornwall Park, Meadowbank,
Newmarket, Parnell, Remuera Primary, Remuera Intermediate and Victoria Ave
applied for the contestable fund and were successful. We are working to create
a clear pathway and smooth transition for students studying Asian languages as
they move through primary, intermediate and secondary school.
The event was well attended with well over 200 staf from the eight cluster schools, Principals, BOT members as well as the National Language
Advisors for Chinese and Japanese and the co-President of NZALT (New Zealand Association of Language Teachers).

Deb Ward - Acting LAD Languages
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