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We're all set for our 100th Birthday

With the end of term in sight and the festive season in full swing we look back at the past year with fond memories. It really is a
time of refection and also a time to look forward to what lies ahead. 2017 is going to be a very special year for EGGS and its Epsom
community as we fast approach our 100th birthday. Well be proudly celebrating 100 years of excellence in girls education in April
5-9 2017.

We have a variety of events lined up for past and present students, families, staf and friends theres something for everyone, take a
look below:

Ofcial Opening and Book Launch, 5 April 2017
Morning Memories, 7 April 2017
School Tours, 7 & 8 April 2017
Centennial Cocktails evening, 7 April 2017
Epsom House Brunch, 8 April 2017
Sports Extravaganza, 8 April 2017
Gala Dinner, 8 April 2017
Staf Brunch, 9 April 2017
EGGSFEST, 9 April 2017

To learn more about the celebrations and to register
for the wonderful events all you need to do is head
over to iTicket:
Don t delay as spaces are flling up fast.

Join the celebrations and be part of EGGS history.

For a list of attendees visit:
Like us on Facebook:

Centenary Sponsorships

If you have a business and would like to sponsor any aspect of the Centenary please contact us on Your
generosity will be much appreciated.

From the English Department

Congratulations to Joanne Lee Year 11, Sylvia Orr Year 11 and Caroline Shepherd Year 12, whose
writing has been selected for publication in Re Draft 16 The Dog Upstairs (published by the
School for Young Writers).

Out of over 800 entries, 74 young writers had their competition entries chosen by judges Tessa Duder and James Norclife. Joanne and Sylvia
wrote one piece that was judged to be among the best of teenage writing for 2016. Caroline had two pieces selected. This is an outstanding

Very few schools had more than one student's pieces selected for publication so well done to Epsom Girls Grammar.
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