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Parent Teacher Association

I would like to thank and acknowledge our wonderful PTA
members, helpers and, in particular, our Deputy Principal,
Sarah Dwan and our Staf Liaison, Janet Davis for their time,
energy and help throughout 2016. Also to Lynley Sheweiry,
who stepped down as chairperson early this year after several
years at the PTA helm. Thank you Lynley for everything you ve
contributed to our school. (Big shoes to fll).

Finally, the PTA wouldn t exist without the very generous
parents that made donations to the PTA, allowing our
continued support of the school in the form of resources that
the limited school budget cannot cover. A huge thank you to
you all!

All the best for the upcoming festive season to everyone in the EGGS community. Have a safe and happy holiday.

Facebook search Epsom Girls Grammar PTA and "Like" the page so you can easily access the latest news, photos, minutes and
meeting times.

Suzanne Cunnington, PTA Chairperson


Junior Pasifka trip to NZ Sculpture onShore

On a rainy, windy day a group of 43 Pasifka students visited the NZ Sculpture onShore display at Takapuna Fort sponsored by NZ Womens
refuge, to enjoy the sunshine of being together and create visual responses to the art works on display. There was a wonderful mix of kinetic,
whimsical and striking sculptures for us to enjoy.

A huge thank you to the teachers: Ms Brewer, Ms Pascoe and Ms Coutts who
encouraged the girls responses to the art and embraced the sense of fellowship
amongst the students. We were fortunate to have our driver, Jacky share a talk
on the words: live, laugh and love and use this as a prompt to create their own
nature sculptures upon Narrow Neck beach. It was a special day of learning about
the relationships between art, environment, self, and community. The teachers
are very proud of how well the girls presented themselves, participated, and
celebrated being together!
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