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Issue 17 - December 2016

Coming up in Week 9...

Monday 5-7 Dec Year 12 Leadership Training

Coming up in Week 10
Thursday 15 Dec Last Day
Junior Prizegiving
Junior Pasifka trip to NZ Sculpture onShore

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This week we received news about student success in two competitions:
Joanne Lee and Sylvia Orr, Year 11, have had a piece of writing chosen for publication
in Re Draft 16 The Dog Upstairs and Caroline Shepherd, Year 12, had two pieces
selected. Re Draft is published from the School for Young Writers Competition and
the Associate Director noted that very few schools had more than one student s
pieces selected. Congratulations to Joanne, Sylvia and Caroline.

Ana Hoonhout, Year 10, entered a flm in the Young Reporters for the Environment
Competition and was awarded First Place in the Film 11-14 years category. The flm
was played at Junior Assembly yesterday and it echoed perfectly what our guest
speaker from Sustainable Coastlines had just talked about. Congratulations to Ana
on this achievement.

As we near the centenary year it would be wonderful to think of how EGGS can further
develop our sustainable practices. The assembly yesterday gave us valuable ideas for the 4 Rs:
Refuse (as in refuse a plastic bag when shopping and take reusable bags).

The junior students involved in the Environmental Science projects recently and members
of the Sustainability Committee might like to take up the challenge and lead us towards
the frst three Rs especially and having zero waste at school. Currently we generate a
lot of waste in the form of clingwrap, plastic bags, individual item wrappers and other
packaging. I would be very interested in meeting with students who would like to explore
our sustainable future.

This is the last edition of EGGSNEWS for 2016. I would like to thank everyone who has
contributed to making this year such a positive year in the life of the School.
Best wishes for Christmas and the holiday time ahead.

Lorraine Pound - Principal
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