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Squash Nationals

The Epsom Premier Squash team went to
Palmerston North to compete in the New Zealand
Secondary Schools Nationals. They had some
very tough matches and came away as the Plate
Winners! (photo page 8)

Clash of the Codes Quiz Night

Clash of the Codes was a huge success this year
with students, friends, family and teachers all
turning up for their codes to compete in the quiz
night. Congratulations to the Netball girls for
claiming the 2016 Clash of the Codes title after a
three way tie for frst place had to be broken with
a bonus round.

2017 Enrolment


Deadline Wednesday 7 September 2016 at 4pm.
Please note: If you live outside the school zone and wish to apply for the sister of a current student to enter the ballot, you must
submit her application by this deadline. There is no discretion for the school to accept late applications.

Ballots for each year level will be held on Wednesday 14 September 2016.

Available places will be allocated in the following priority order: sisters of current students, sisters of past students, daughters of past
students, daughters of Board of Trustee members and employees, all other applicants.
Year 9: The Board will decide on the number of available places just before the ballot. This will depend on the number of applications
received from students who live within the schools home zone.

Years 10 & 11: We expect to be able to ofer 5 places.

Year 12: Although we are not yet able to confrm availablility we expect to be able to ofer a small number of places.

Year 13: We will ballot for a waiting list and any places becoming available will be flled from that list.
Year 9 applicants who live in the home zone should submit their applications by Wednesday 7 September 2016.
Years 10-13 applicants who live in the home zone should contact the school.

Application forms can be requested online at
Enquiries ph 630 5963,
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