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There has been a changing of the guard in terms of the Board
of Trustees. In June the election process had a record number
of nominations to fll the gaps left by the out-going trustees. I
would like to thank those trustees for their commitment to the
Board over many years and a special thanks to Dr Gerald Young
for his massive contribution as Board Chair over many years.
Thank you to those who put themselves forward as nominees
and congratulations to those elected.

The newly elected Board comprises a range of skills well suited
to delivering sound governance of a high achieving school while
providing a professional and collaborative relationship with the
Principal and Senior Leadership Team. Board members are:
Chris Iles (Chair)
Lynley Sheweiry (Deputy Chair)
Lorraine Pound (Principal)
Jacinda Ardern, List MP, Labour with Head Prefect Michelle
Philip Bradley Schneideman following Michelles second senior assembly with
Paul Gestro parliamentary speakers on Women in Politics. The frst was the Hon
Julie Goodyer Nikki Kaye, Associate Minister of Education.
Rachel Heeney (Staf Rep)
Kate Smith
Andrew Stevens 2016 Father & Daughter Breakfast
Imogen Wallace (Student Rep)

I would also like to reach out to the Whanau Awhina and the
Komiti Pasifka communities who are currently recommending
representatives to join the Board. These groups have been well
represented in the past and make a valued contribution.

2016 has been a year of change, with a new Principal and Board,
however the achievements of the students remains paramount.
This is not possible without an engaged teaching team and a
critical component of this is a continued learning pathway for the
teachers. The Board fully supports management s professional
development programme and will always look to enrich this
element of education.

Key areas of focus for the new Board include navigating through
the new health and safety legislation, revisiting the schools
master plan to address capital building initiatives, what will be
the impact of the Unitary Plan on the school roll, managing a
tight funding model and supporting the organising committee
for the Centenary next year.

The achievements of the students this year
has been impressive. From the cultural
performances and the sports felds, to the
academic successes, everyone can be proud
of their contributions. As we approach the
midway point of Term 3 the senior students
are preparing for school exams. I wish all
these students all the very best in these
upcoming exams and the externals later in the year.

Chris Iles - Board Chair
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