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Centenary Celebrations 5 - 9 April 2017: 243 days to go!

If you haven t already bought your tickets for our amazing line up of events,
head over to iTicket today at

Come join us and celebrate 100 wonderful years. Don't forget to take a look
at out Centenary tab on the school too
Well be keeping this up to date with news, photos, attendance lists and
much more so keep an eye out over the coming month.

You can also stay in the loop about the Centenary Celebrations by liking and following our Facebook page

If you're friends with any Old Girls we might have lost contact with please ask them to get in touch with us - they just need to drop us an
email on

Centenary Sponsorships

If you have a business and would like to sponsor any aspect of the Centenary please contact us on Your
generosity will be much appreciated.

Year 13 Critical Thinking and Philosophy Workshops

What is Reality..? Is it ever acceptable to lie? What is the role of
Government? As part of the 2016 ACCoS funded projects we ran a and whether it is ever acceptable to lie. Philosophers Thomas Hobbes
series of six workshops for Year 13 students interested in deepening and Jean Jacques Rousseau provided the basis for a discussion about
their critical thinking, discussion and questioning skills. This was Human Nature and the role of Government. Current events of all
part of a project preparing Level 3 students for the thinking and kinds came into the discussions, including the Gorilla Scenario at
questioning required at University. The discussion topics developed Cincinnati Zoo which was prevalent in social media this year.
out of questions and topics in Philosophy.
It was a privilege to work with such passionate students who were
Two dedicated groups developed on Tuesday afternoons and early so articulate in sharing their views and learning from and with each
Friday mornings with girls from many diferent subject backgrounds other. We look forward to developing similar workshops for students
coming to join in the discussions. The series started with the Plato, in the future.
Descartes and discussion about the nature of Reality and Truth. We
went well over our allotted time as students discussed morals, ethics

Use of devices in the Sciences Learning Area

Devices are used in a variety of ways in the Sciences Learning Area. Several teachers have uploaded learning material as well as activities
that include worksheets, videos, animations etc. on to eLearn.
Some teachers make quizlets and get students to use these to revise Students go onto eLearn and work through these at their own pace.
for tests.
Some teachers use Kahoot as part of a lesson where students have to
Some teachers get students to make their own quizlets as they go use their devices for this interactive session.
through the topic on a daily basis.
Students learn in many diferent ways and one size does not ft all.
Some teachers use Google classroom extensively where students Many students like to listen to the teacher explain a concept and
have access to additional worksheets, diagrams, videos etc. take notes down or use a pen, paper, calculator to solve problems.

Some teachers use Google sites and have created a google site for Students who have certain restrictions or difculty in their learning/
their classes. Students have access to and can edit as they get on with writing ability often fnd using a device helps them a lot.
their work.
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