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Issue 10 - August 2016

Coming up in Week 3....
Dear parents, caregivers and students
Mon 8 Aug Year 9 Options Assembly
As you can see, the Honourable Nikki Kaye Wed 10 Aug Father & Daughter Breakfast
has been in the School this week as part Wed 10-11 Aug Year 12 & 13 Drama Production
of Head Prefect Michelle Schneidemans
Leadership Project on Women in Politics. Fri 12 Aug Year 12 Ball
The Associate Minister of Education and
Minister for Youth, ACC and Civil Defence Coming up in Week 4....
spoke to the senior school about her Mon 15 Aug Completion of online course
political journey and some of the people, selection for Yrs 9-12
issues and infuences that have motivated Mon 15-20 Aug KBB Music Festival
her. We also have Jacinda Adern coming to
the School as part of Michelles project. It is
really encouraging to see how responsive TO VIEW MORE EVENTS CLICK HERE >
these two politicians have been to Michelles
requests. It is a positive feature of the New
Zealand political landscape that politicians
are able and willing to connect with people Head Prefect Michelle Schneideman
relatively easily. with Honourable Nikki Kaye
At the moment students are involved with choosing their option subjects for 2017. Year 9 Wearable Arts 2016
will have their Options Assembly on Monday, and Years 10, 11 and 12 are well underway
with the process with the Careers Evening of Week 1 and the Senior Options Evening
held this week providing opportunities to make sure that decisions are based on accurate
information. Please make sure that you do not rely on My friend told me make sure
you, yourself, are clear on what is or is not required for entry to tertiary courses. There are
not many very prescriptive requirements, but where they do exist it is important to think
and plan ahead.

It seems a long time ago now, but Wearable Arts at the end of last term was a stunning
event. Congratulations to all involved.
A feature of recent months for me has been that it seems wherever I am, I meet Epsom
alumnae. It s always a very positive experience and, with the centenary celebrations coming
up in April next year (5-9 April 2017), we are already beginning to see a real groundswell of
enthusiasm to be part of those celebrations. If you know of alumnae who would like to fnd
out more please feel free to ofer the links:

With the Olympics about to start we are all immensely proud of alumnae who are
representing New Zealand, as mentioned last term:
Rowing NZ Womens Eight - Kayla Pratt
New Zealand punches above its weight in international sport and EGGS has a long tradition
of being part of that story.
Lorraine Pound - Principal

A quick reminder please make sure that transport arrangements ensure that students arrive
on time at school in the morning.
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