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We are very grateful
for the generosity of all the
individuals, trusts, sponsors
and businesses for their
support throughout the year.

Our special thanks to
our major donors and
supporters for their valuable
contributions. EPSOM GIRLS GRAMMAR
Joyce, Lady Fisher
Joyce Fisher Charitable Trust SCHOOL FOUNDATION
Woolf Fisher Trust
Raye Blumenthal
Freedman Trust The Foundation was established in 1999 to support the fundraising projects of
M.F.E. Adams the school and to manage and administer the funds raised and endowments
Blackwell Estate gifted to the school. The Foundation is an Incorporated Charitable Trust and a
O&A Chen registered charity, governed by independent trustees.
Chica Gilmer Estate The Foundation assists students, staf, sports and cultural groups through the
Thank you
Jill Mandeno Heritage Fund and endowment awards.
Janice McAdam & Jean Lang
Macdonald Family
Dame Judith Potter Foundation projects include
Peter Thompson Joyce Fisher Sports Centre | Courts
Barfoot & Thompson Raye Freedman Arts Centre
J.M. Thompson Heritage Fund to assist students and staf
G&A Wadsworth Provision of scholarships and endowments
John Williamson Estate Wireless network and computer equipment
Major Commercial Partners Support for Arts, Cultural, Academic Groups and Sports teams
Blueriver Creative
BNZ Newmarket branch Support. Donate. Participate.
Fuji Xerox Purchase your dedicated EGG plaque to show your support. Plaque Boards are
located in the Joyce Fisher Sports Centre.
Major Funding Partners
Auckland Council
NZ Lottery Grants Board
Four Winds Foundation
Freemasons New Zealand
Jones Family Charitable Trust For more information please
Grassroots Trust contact the Foundation Ofce
North & South Trust Phone: 64 9 970 6753
NZCT Email:
Potter Masonic Trust Website:
Southern Trust
The Ted Manson Foundation
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