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EGGS Celebrates 99 Years!

On Tuesday 5 April EGGS celebrated it s 99th Birthday. This
was marked with a special assembly. The Head Prefect Team
wore uniforms of past years and students heard about the
development of the Centenary Logo, saw images of EGGS
over the past 99 years, had a countdown, launched the school
Facebook page and participated in chants and the singing of
the school song. You can see clips/images about some of these
activities below.
Past, Present and Future of the Centenary Logo
Head Prefect Team - Cindy Burgess, Lily Trinh,
Present Michelle Schneideman (Head Prefect) and Jade Beckmann
Future at the special assembly held on Tuesday 5 April.

EGGS Facebook page

From the Board of Trustees

The Board have been appraised of the 2015 examination results. EGGS continues to achieve high levels of academic success with pass rates at
all 3 levels of NCEA over 90%. The endorsements for passing with merit and excellence were also at a high level compared with other decile
9 girls schools.

The 84 Scholarships awarded to EGGS Students in 2015 were the highest number attained for a number of years. These results demonstrate
that the student centred teaching and learning strategies at Epsom Girls Grammar School continue to successfully deliver a high level of
academic achievement. The Board thank the Principal Mrs Pound and her staf for their eforts in helping students achieve these results.

A high performing school has to be well resourced and to achieve this EGGS relies on parent donations. The donations enable the School
to provide extra teachers as well as additional resources, which is what the parents and students want from the School, to continue to be a
leading girls school.

The funding formula for secondary schools is scaled so that low decile schools receive more government funding than high decile schools.
Epsom Girls Grammar School is a decile 9 school so we receive signifcantly less funding, so to make up this diference a parent donation is
required. Large schools also are further disadvantaged by the stafng formula which results in less funding per student for stafng than small

I hope this explains the issues around the School Donation . The Board thanks all those who have paid the school donation to date.
Obviously the higher the percentage of families that pay the school donation, the more that can be achieved in the year. I encourage you to
make the school donation if you have not already done so. Also a reminder that the School donation is tax deductible.

Gerald Young - Chair, Board of Trustees


We would like to remind you that the winter uniform and sports uniforms are now available in the shop. Students may change to winter
uniform from the beginning of Term 2. Full winter uniform is to be worn from Monday 16th May (Week 3).

There is a new sports uniform this year. Year 9 students must wear the new style. Year 10-13 may continue to wear the old style.
 Please click here to view the extra hours for the holidays and the latest Uniform prices.

To avoid long queues during the frst 2 weeks of the term please consider taking advantage of the extra opening hours.
If you have any queries please email
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