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Should you wish to provide philanthropic support without affecting your lifestyle, including Epsom Girls Grammar School in your Will is an option for your consideration.

Making a gift in your will (often referred to as a bequest or a legacy) is a unique way of reflecting your own interests, passion and vision for the future success of Epsom Girls Grammar School in areas of education, sports facilities and resources, teaching or community benefit.  Whether you wish your gift to be made in memory of someone close to you, to carry on your own name in perpetuity or to be given anonymously, it is a gift with value and that on-going will make a difference to thousands of young women every year.

What your bequest gift will do
Your gift will enable Epsom Girls Grammar School to pursue and achieve excellence in an area of scholarship or facilities that may not be otherwise possible. Should you wish, we would be delighted to assist you in defining how Epsom Girls Grammar School would apply your bequest to reflect what is important to you. You may choose to give Epsom Girls Grammar School directives specifying how the funds are to be distributed, the process of distribution, the recipient criteria and the type of expenditure. You simply outline your objectives and intentions - we then provide information on relevant options to ensure that the outcomes achieved, as a result of your generosity and support, are indeed meaningful to you.

More Information

Please click here to download the My Legacy brochure.

If you're interested in creating a legacy for learning and leading young women, you can speak in confidence with one of our Endowment team: Tel +64 9 970 6753 or email: foundation@eggs.school.nz

We can also arrange independent legal advice for you. Two wonderful philanthropic legacies that show how special and beneficial a gift to Epsom Girls Grammar School can be, are the Joyce Fisher Sports Centre, a leading facility for sport and physical education excellence and the Raye Freedman Arts Centre, a specialty venue for arts, culture and entertainment.

A gift to Epsom Girls Grammar School can be for any amount you choose, small or large. All gifts make a wonderful difference to the school and will be recognised.

Information for Wills

The following is suggested wording for a gift of a specified cash sum or specific property: 

“I give to The Epsom Girls Grammar School Foundation $ [a specific dollar amount],

or [describe precisely the item of property],


free from all duties and charges, for the general purposes of The Epsom Girls Grammar School Foundation [or for the purposes of [ …….],


and the receipt of the Secretary of The Epsom Girls Grammar School Foundation shall be sufficient discharge to my trustees for this gift and from any obligation to see to its proper application.”


If you would like to make a bequest for specific purposes please contact the Foundation Office. Knowing what is important to you allows us to suggest how your gift, pledged through your Will now, can meet Epsom Girls Grammar School's future needs.


A gift from the residue of your estate

The “residue” of your estate is the pool of assets remaining once your estate’s expenses have been paid and all specific legacies have been paid or satisfied.


If you wish to leave the whole or a part of your residuary estate to The Epsom Girls Grammar School Foundation you will need to include the appropriate wording in the residuary provisions of your Will. You will need to discuss this with your legal adviser so that the appropriate provision can be made.

Acknowledging your contribution

We wish to thank and acknowledge all those who make bequests and endowments to the Epsom Girls Grammar School Foundation. A huge thanks from us to you.

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