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To provide living arrangements of a high standard for students who meet the enrolment criteria stated in the Epsom Girls Grammar School Enrolment Scheme i.e. whose homes are in rural areas, or who do not have access to schools, or some subjects, or who live outside of New Zealand; and who wish to further their studies at Epsom Girls Grammar School.

Living and Learning Environment

To provide a safe emotional and physical environment for students and to provide optimal conditions for student learning where students are encouraged to: develop initiative and independence; learn cooperatively; perform to the best of their individual abilities; seek and set personal goals, and self-monitor their own learning.

Student Development and Achievement

To monitor and report on student progress: to foster self-evaluation and to provide students with clear, balanced and reliable information to assist with decisions about learning priorities and future choices and to encourage post-school learning.


To provide food that is nutritionally balanced, aesthetically pleasing, with good variety and which also allows for special needs. Hence promoting health and well-being in all Epsom House catering.


To be a good and fair employer; to appoint staff who provide excellent role models for students by combining high levels of professional skill, loyalty and enthusiasm for their work; to value and support the work of staff, and to demonstrate commitment to their on-going professional development.


To secure and manage Epsom House finances to sustain the mission and aims of this charter; to provide effective support for living and learning, and to balance immediate financial commitments with longer-term responsibilities.

To identify and implement opportunities for other revenue sources for Epsom House.


To plan and manage the maintenance and development of a safe, healthy, attractive and welcoming environment with grounds, buildings, facilities, resources and services which sustain the mission and aims of this charter.

Relationships with the Community

To value and encourage the interest, participation and support of parents; to be responsive to their expectations; to communicate openly, and to promote the involvement of parents and the wider community in the life of Epsom House and the education of students.

Te Tiritiri Waitangi

To recognise the uniqueness of Maori language and culture in the context of the partnership principles of the Treaty of Waitangi.

Cultural Diversity

To acknowledge, support, affirm and respect all cultures represented in Epsom House, the school and its wider community.

Epsom House Self-Review

To regularly self-review Epsom House's performance in relation to this charter so that successes are recognised, areas for improvement identified and priorities are decided as to interests of the students.
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