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You are probably aware that the following forms of Government assistance are available for New Zealand residents. Unfortunately your daughter's eligibility for any of these allowances cannot guarantee a hostel place, but you should know the financial assistance that can be applied for.

School Boarding Allowances

These allowances are for primary and secondary students. Eligibility is determined by the distance the pupil lives from the nearest state school or school bus stop (3.2km or more for a child under 10 years, or 4.8km or more for a child who is 10 years or over).

Boarding allowances may also be awarded to assist students who are seriously at risk in their emotional, social or emotional development because of continuing, unsatisfactory features in their home or social environment.

When a student who is eligible for one of the first two categories of allowance described above lives within a reasonable travelling distance of a school offering the required course, she may receive transport assistance in lieu of a bursary. Students who are eligible for an allowance because they are at risk and need to live away from home, or who are eligible under the distance criteria, may not receive transport assistance in lieu.

The Government has decided to discontinue the Maori and Polynesian Scholarships as the eligibility criteria for the scholarships are very similar to the Government Boarding Bursary criteria. This means that most students who would otherwise have applied for a Maori and Polynesian secondary (distance) scholarship will be eligible for a boarding allowance.

Other Scholarships Available:

Mapihi Pounamu Grants

Students aged 19 or under may apply for Mapihi Pounamu, a scheme which aims to ensure that students who face barriers to learning are able to participate and achieve in education. These barriers may be due to either difficult home circumstances (such as ongoing risk to their wellbeing, or lack of adequate supportive care), or students living in isolated areas with low household incomes.

Current recipients of a government allowance bursary may also apply for Mapihi Pounamu, but must advise the Ministry that they are already receiving funding for boarding purposes. Students or their parents/guardians who think their circumstances may fit these criteria should contact Kate Ford at the Ministry's national Office, on (04)463-8085.

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