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Kapa Haka, Nga Kotiro o Maungawhau

Performing at Fia Fia night

Kapa Haka represents the school regularly at school functions. This group has many performances throughout the year in addition to the ASB Polyfest including Powhiri and in term three, Kapa Haka participates in Wiki o Te Ao Maori and Te Ahurea Tino Rangatiratanga. There are rehearsals for Kapa Haka through the whole year and some practises involve weekend live-ins.

Kaiarahi for 2012: Cydel Peters

Kaihautu: Tereta Faireka 
Teacher in Charge: Mrs Renee Hau

Chinese Cultural Group

Chinese Extravanganza 2010

This is a large and active group led by a senior committee that runs several separate groups at the school. The performance groups include Traditional Dance, Choir and Drama, and there is also a cooking group. In addition to school functions, these groups perform at the Chinese Extravaganza and the ASB Polyfest. They welcome all new members; you don't have to be Chinese to join!

Leaders for 2012: Jodi Huang and Karen Chung
Teachers in Charge: Mrs Jan Hawkins and Mr Tom Lin

Cook Islands Group

Cook Islands Group perfoming at ASB Polyfest 2010

Kia Orana! Epsom's Cook Islands Group performs cultural dance and song in preparation for Fia Fia Night and ASB Polyfest in term one. We take pride in, and work hard to faithfully represent Cook Islands' Culture. All year levels may join, as singers, dancers or musicians.

Leader for 2012: Jana Whitta
Teacher in Charge: Ms Catherine Lee

Indian Group

Indian Group performing on the diversity stage at ASB Polyfest 2010

This is a very large and traditional group that includes performers and supporters.  Each group performs traditional and modern pieces.  Performances include the ASB Polyfest and Fia Fia night.  As well as this, we have many performances throughout the year which are insights into the rich and colourful traditions of India.

Leader for 2012:  Reha Babber

Teachers in Charge: Mrs Reena Raphael and Mrs Shagufta Khan

Japanese Group

Japanese Group performing at Fia Fia Night 2010

This relatively new group was started up in 2005. Participants sell food at Athletics day and the dance group performs at Fia Fia night and Polyfest. This year, they are planning to start an origami group. 

Leader for 2012: Julie Yu
Teacher in Charge: Ms Yuka Harrison

Korean Group

Korean Fan Dance performed at Fia Fia Night 2010

Many of the Korean students at school belong to this group, which helps new students get to know the school and encourages students to retain their culture by performing Korean dances. This group performs both traditional and modern dance. Practices begin early in term one for the ASB Polyfest and Fia Fia night. The Korean Group meets regularly, usually at lunch time.

Leader for 2012: Sarah Hong

Teacher in Charge: Mrs Anne Scott

Malaysian Group

Mayalsian Group performing at Fia Fia Night 2010

Established in 2004, this group is becoming well-known. In 2012 they will be performing at Fia Fia Night and Polyfest. New members are most welcome. 

Leader for 2012: Jocelyn Woo

Teacher in Charge: Ms Elaine Orr

Samoan Group

Samoan Group perfoming at Fia Fia Night 2010

This is a large, competitive performance group of juniors and seniors. Practices begin early in term one after school and on weekends to prepare for ASB Polyfest. The Samoan Group also performs at other school events such as Fia Fia Night.

Leader for 2012: Katherine Atafu-Mayo

Teacher in charge:  Ms Fiona Merritt and Ms Sophie Gardner

Sri Lankan Group

Sri Lankan Group perfoming at Fia Fia Night 2010

Junior and senior dance groups perform at ASB Polyfest, Fia Fia Night and other occasions. There is also a Sri Lankan cooking group that has food stalls on Athletics day to raise funds for the group’s activities. Newcomers are welcome to join the group throughout the year.

Leader for 2012: Charini De Silva

Teachers in Charge: Mrs Jeanette Davidson and Mrs Sue Heyes

Tongan Group

Tongan Group performing at Fia Fia night 2010

This large and enthusiastic group includes performers and supporters from all year levels. Practices begin early in term one and continue through until ASB Polyfest. This group meets after school and on weekends. The Tongan Group also performs at school events such as Fia Fia Night.

Leader for 2012: Kilisitina Mataika

Teacher in charge: Ms Sacha Hyde

Gaelic Group

Gaelic Group performing at Fia Fia night 2010

This lively group was established in 2008 to honour and uphold traditions of Scotland and Ireland. Events include learning step dances, performing at Fia Fia Night and assemblies as well as during Arts Week in term three. We also liaise with the Auckland Grammar School Pipe Band. We hope to run a fun Highland Games event in 2012. All newcomers are welcome.

Leader for 2012: Tessa Hiam
Teacher in charge: Ms Gillian Whelan

German Group

German Group performing at Fia Fia night 2010

A group of students learning the German language and other enthusiasts had started to meet regularly after the 2008 school trip to Germany and Austria. They found great interest in the culture and tradition of German speaking countries and would like to work together to perform at Fia Fia Night and other school events.

Leader for 2012: TBA

Teacher in charge: Fiona Hesse

Thai Group

Thai Group performing at ASB Polyfest 2010

This will be the third year for this group and reflects the number of Thai students at this school. There will be dancing and sharing of cultural experiences throughout the year. The group will also be performing at Fia Fia Night and Polyfest.

Leader for 2012: Jean Sittibud

Teacher in charge: Mr Garth Horsnell

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